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COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing at Malta Med Emergent Care

COVID-19 Testing at Malta Med Emergent Care

  • Samples are sent to a local lab for processing
  • Results usually back within 2 - 5 days

How to get an COVID-19 test

With a provider order
With a provider order for the test, COVID-19 testing is available 24/7. No appointment is necessary.

Without a provider order
Current guidelines require a provider order. If you do not have a provider order, we will provide a separate screening to determine if you qualify. These screenings are available 24/7.

Getting your test results 

If your test results come back positive, you will receive a phone call from the ordering provider. Malta Med Emergent Care does not call patients with negative test results. We encourage patients to create a LabCorp account to access their results or to request a copy of their results from our medical records department


There is no co-pay. Your final costs are dependent upon your insurance plan. We encourage you to contact your insurance company prior to arrival to ensure you know the expected amount you'll be paying for testing.


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